The Meeting Place

The Meeting Place is a beautiful venue in the lovely village of Westbourne; providing good quality, contemporary and cost-effective facilities for a wide range of community and family activities. 

The facility is flexible, offering two different sized rooms and a kitchen. It’s ideal for meetings, exercise classes, parties or even sit-down meals. Come and have a look and see if it suits your needs.

We have taken advantage of lockdown to carry out a major refurbishment of the building with new windows, paintwork, flooring, boiler, insulation, kitchen appliances and equipment.  We are sure you will be impressed.

You can use this site to find out more about our rooms, equipment and the services we can offer and use the calendar to see where we have rooms available. You can also book rooms using our on-line booking system. For further details please see our website

The Meeting Place is operated by Westbourne Baptist Church.  We welcome bookings from all groups provided the proposed use of the building is consistent with our Christian faith.  Accordingly, it is legitimate for us to decline bookings which promote beliefs which are incompatible with our Christian faith.

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