Centre facilities

The community centre comprises a purpose built single storey community centre constructed in 2014 following consultation with local residents. 

The community centre comprises:  Reception lobby with office and kitchen, Male/Female and disabled toilets

2 large community halls (one arranged specifically for early years education / play with associated office, kitchenette and toilet facilities

Please Note - The Hob in the Kitchen is an induction and only suitable cookware will work with it. We have limited cookware on site.

Induction hobs are made from glass which has a smooth cooking surface. The heat is generated by an electric induction coil which then heats the cookware but not the cooking surface.

  • For induction heating to work saucepans must have a base with a high ferrous content, such as cast iron and some types of steel.
  • Pure aluminium or copper pans will not work with induction hobs, unless the base consists of a magnetic bonded material.
  • If in doubt check to see if the base of the saucepan is attracted to a magnet, in which case it is suitable for use with an induction hob.
  • If a saucepan isn't stated as being suitable for induction hobs, then it's safer to assume it is not.

Facility 1

Main function room

The Main function room is the largest of the two rooms for hire at Redhouse (96sq meter). The room can hold a maximum of 90 people. It has a Kitchen next door with a cooker and hob. Hot Water Boiler. Fridge and Freezer. This room has a sound limiter, please ensure your DJ knows this if booking a disco.

Main function room attributes

Capacity - Banquet Style 50 People
Capacity - Classroom Style 40 People
Capacity - Meeting Style 30 People
Capacity - Reception Style 90 People
Capacity - Theatre Style 70 People
Main function room photo
Main function room photo
Main function room photo

Facility 2


No attributes are available

Facility 3

Pre School Room

This room is used by the Pre School in term time but is for Hire in the evenings and weekends along with non term times. This room can hold a maximum of 65 people and is 54sq mtr. This room has a kitchenette built in and has a Hot Water Boiler and Fridge. Doorway leading to Childs Toilet Area at one end of the room (please see photograph)

Pre School Room attributes

Capacity - Banquet Style 40 People
Capacity - Classroom Style 30 People
Capacity - Meeting Style 25 People
Capacity - Reception Style 65 People
Capacity - Theatre Style 50 People
Pre School Room photo
Pre School Room photo
Pre School Room photo
Pre School Room photo