What is Book-Online?

Book-Online offers a fully configurable website combined with an online room booking system. Each booking system has its own internet address (book-online.co.uk/centre-name), editable webpages and allows administrators to set up their rooms and resources, upload pictures and manage pricing, payment and terms of use. It also features a facilities calendar which shows potential users which rooms are available to hire.

Book-Online Christ Church
The Book-Online system home page for Christ Church, Swindon

The fully functioned administration mode enables multiple volunteers to manage the booking process from their own PC or laptop; the system calculates the room charge based on the rooms and times selected and can either automatically generate a single invoice or allows the administrator to create a custom invoice for the booking. The bookings tracking feature allows treasurers to reconcile payments against bookings and helps to keep track of invoices and payments.

How can it help us manage our bookings?

Volunteer time is precious but often they cannot commit to being "in the office" all the time to take bookings and reply to booking queries. Book-Online allows multiple admins to work remotely and collaborate to ensure that bookings are managed efficiently from initial contact to final payment. No more conflicting bookings and everyone has the information they need to make each booking a success.

Prospective customers can check the online calendar to find out when rooms are free. They can view the facilities on offer and make provisional bookings without having to contact the centre. The system automatically generates an estimate of cost based on the times and resources selected in real time so that a customer can decide if they wish to proceed to make a booking or not. When a booking is made, the system alerts both the customer and the administrator to the booking request via email.

Invoicing can be time consuming, our system helps you generate, send and track invoices and payments at the click of a button.

Book-Online bookings calendar
The Book-Online invoicing tool

Built in reports provide the duty volunteer with the day or week's bookings, room configurations, equipment requirements - all in real time avoiding out of date paper copies. Other reports track income per room, space usage, to give a complete picture of how the centre is being utilised and to assist in future resource planning.

Book-Online bookings calendar
The Book-Online bookings calendar

The activities page helps your customers promote their classes or events and Facebook and Twitter integration allow more far reaching social media engagement with a click. Use the news pages to keep customers up to date with what is going on in your centre and local community.

What do I get when I buy Book-Online?

Contact us

For sales enquiries, contact Stephen Grosvenor at sales@book-online.co.uk or on 07885 217077 For support, contact Chris Smith at support@book-online.co.uk or on 01793 617237

You can also download our Book-Online brochure here (PDF, 350kb)

System pricing

A multi-user licence for the Book-Online system costs as little as £30 per month for small centres. Payment is made six monthly in advance and covers site hosting, free program updates and technical support. Pay for a 12 month licence and receive a discount. A minimum of 30 days' notice is required to end the contract and a refund will be made for outstanding pre-paid months.

Centre income Monthly cost Annual cost Annual discount
£0 - £20,000 p.a. £30 £330 1 month free
£20,000 - £30,000 p.a. £40 £440 1 month free
£30,000 - £40,000 p.a. £50 £550 1 month free
£40,000 - £50,000 p.a. £60 £660 1 month free
£50,000 + p.a. Please ask for a quote

Training and configuration support

To assist you in setting up your website booking system, we provide one day training and set up support for £300 for up to three users. This includes three months telephone support to ensure you get off to a smooth start. After this initial period, if required, you can choose our annual support contract which gives unlimited telephone support for £30 per quarter.

Demo system

You can try out our demo booking system here: https://book-online.co.uk/demo/
Make bookings as a customer and/or contact us at sales@book-online.co.uk to get an admin account and password to experience the full functionality of the system.

Frequently asked questions

We don't have a website at the moment - can we use Book-Online as our main site?

The system is designed to act as a fully featured website and booking system. As such, it represents great value, enabling volunteers to create a professional web presence. Built-in content management complements the on-line booking functionality enabling news, activities and events to be promoted keeping the site live and up to date which, in turn, keeps it up the search engine rankings. You can also easily link out to a Facebook or Twitter account.

Can Book-Online take payments for the bookings?

Book-Online can be integrated with any PayPal account to accept online payments for bookings. The system can also be configured to feature your bank details or other payment methods and these settings are reflected on the invoices produced. The system enables treasurers or cashiers to reconcile payments made against bookings and can produce income and debtor reports to help you keep track of your finances.

I already have a domain name and website. Can I still use Book-Online?

Whilst Book-Online is a powerful customer facing tool, it can also be used as a back office only system using the ADMIN mode. All bookings are still managed on-line and therefore can still be accessed by authorised administrators but bookings can only be made by telephone or in person. Alternatively, you can choose to disable individual pages on the Book-Online site and simply link to it from your existing site. There are many ways to integrate with an existing site - ask us for details.

None of our volunteers are very PC literate - will we manage to make it all work?

The system is already in use in a number of Community Centres and has managed over 20,000 hours of bookings this year. We have found that good training and help with understanding and setting up the system is the best way to get a new system up and running quickly and efficiently; ensuring that the volunteers understand how to get the best out of it. That's why we offer our comprehensive training and configuration package.

We have a complicated pricing structure - can Book-Online handle it?

Book-Online can handle multiple pricing regimes as well as user definable peak/off-peak period pricing. This generates an initial, system estimate of cost as a provisional booking request is being made. Bookings are always fair - they are made on a first come first served basis. Automated pricing can be overridden if required but pricing rules help to ensure consistency for room pricing.

What if we decide to stop using the system?

We think you will be delighted with the help that Book-Online can provide to your volunteers to enable smooth, time efficient and effective booking and centre management. We do ask for a minimum of six months advance payment but should you decide the system is not for you, just give us 30 days' notice - we will extract a copy of your booking data and let you have it in either TXT or CSV format and refund any complete months back to you.

Contact us

For sales enquiries, contact Stephen Grosvenor at sales@book-online.co.uk or on 07885 217077 For support, contact Chris Smith at support@book-online.co.uk or on 01793 617237

You can also download our Book-Online brochure here (PDF, 350kb)